PESA uses modern technological processes, such aseconomical laser cutting, to produce the quality products and components we’re known for. Industrial sheet metal fabrication should be made to detailed design specifications, and PESA achieves this through the use of modern laser cutting processes. Carefully crafted sheet metal components and profile cutting solutions are well within the capabilities of the professional PESA team.

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Proficient Laser Cutting with Industry Experience

With more than 43 years of industry experience, PESA knows a thing or two about sheet metal fabrication. We combine our in depth experience with modern services such as laser cutting to continuously produce our high quality results. You can be sure that PESA’s laser cutting process is of the highest Australian standard.

The professional team at PESA is able to use the profile cutting service on a variety of materials, including: mild steel stainless steel, aluminium, brass, some plastics and more. Whatever your requirement our team can advise you on how to best manufacture the product you’re after. Our laser cutting service is just one aspect of PESA that makes us the leading sheet metal fabrication company in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs.

On Time Delivery for Your Urgent Needs

As part of our excellent personal service to our clients, we work extremely hard to ensure products can be delivered on time and under urgent deadlines when required. Customised orders are well within the capabilities of the sheet metal fabricators at PESA. We work with each of our clients on the design specifications they require to ensure the value add process runs smoothly and effectively. When it comes to urgent delivery of quality manufactured goods, PESA is the best in the business.

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