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Metal Fabrication
PESA is one of the most experienced sheet metal fabrication companies….
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Sheet Metal Fabrication
PESA uses modern technological processes…
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Sheet Metal Fabricators

Our team of experienced professionals.

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PESA is a privately owned company based in Westall (Clayton South) Victoria. PESA Specialises in the custom manufacture of precision sheet metal components, sub assemblies and fabrications.

Since our establishment in 1968, our production capabilities and machinery are constantly being upgraded to keep pace with today’s technologies and work practices. PESA takes great pride in knowing that repeat business from customers over the last 43 plus years is still growing strongly.

Our extensive range of services includes high quality laser cutting, CNC Turret Punching,7 Axis NC Folding, Fastener Insertion, Welding-MIG, TIG and Spot Welding, Polishing and Finishing with a variety of surface coatings in painting or plating available. We are able to offer a complete manufacturing process from the design and prototype stage through to the full production run. Whether your job run is big or small we ensure that our customers receive the quality and consistent accuracy that they require.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to personal service and old fashioned attention to detail in a world becoming increasingly focussed on fast and flimsy materials. When you order sheet metal fabrication and or parts from PESA, you know that the products you receive are built to last. Our commitment to durable and effective sheet metal fabrication is unrivalled.

Call PESA today on (03) 9547 5244 to find out more about our experienced metal laser cutting, metal finishing, turret punch press and sheet metal folder processes or sheet metal welding in Melbourne.

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    Economical Laser Cutting
    Laser cutting is the modern standard in sheet metal fabrication and PESA offers precision laser cutting services at cost-effective prices. Metal profile and plastic laser cutting are processes well within PESA’s capabilities. Allow us to create economical and precise laser cutting of materials for you.

    Effective NC 7 Axis Sheet Metal Folder Systems
    Our team of experienced professionals are proficient in using NC folding processes to manufacture sturdy and robust products. Whatever your need when it comes to sheet metal components, we have a variety of tooling systems to fulfil your requirements. Superior Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication.

    PESA specialises in a broad range of sheet metal fabrication services, using a varied range of materials: mild steel, zinc coated materials, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and copper. Our manufacturing process offers close attention to detail to ensure you receive the best possible finished product. It’s just one way you can be sure to receive value for money.

    A Range of Experienced Services
    PESA offers an extensive range of services, such as: laser cutting; CNC turret punching; NC folding 7 Axis; MIG, TIG and Spot welding; fastener insertion; polishing and finishing; single components; sub assemblies; coating as required. When it comes to quality manufactured components, look no further than PESA.

    Prompt On Time Metal Finishing Delivery
    The experienced team at PESA works hard to ensure all orders are met on time. We deliver our materials promptly on the agreed date and ensure all sheet metal components have been manufactured to the highest industry standard.

    Customised Sheet Fabrication
    With our laser cutting, CNC Turret Punching, 7 Axis NC Folding, Fastener Insertion, Welding –MIG, TIG and Spot Welding, Polishing and Finishing with a variety of surface coatings in painting or plating available. PESA is able to manufacture customised solutions for our clients. PESA takes great pride in supplying many of Australia’s leading manufacturing companies in the Electronics, Telecommunications, Scientific and Medical Equipment, Commercial Catering, Chemical and Food Processes. We not only manufacture for national clients we also custom make sheet metal fabrication for international export.

    100% Australian Owned and Operated
    PESA has been meeting the needs of clients since 1968. Based in Clayton (in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne) PESA upholds a tradition of producing quality products at affordable prices. We have catered to thousands of clients over the years and always ensure our services meet the highest industry standards. We’re proud to be Australian and proud to be manufacturing quality Australian goods for 43 years and counting.

    Old Fashioned Personal Service
    Having been in business for so long, PESA understands the value of old fashioned personal service in a fast-paced and quality-lacking modern world.

    We take the time to understand your requirements and focus on the details to ensure you receive the highest quality fabrication and components. PESA has an expert team in profile cutting, metal finishing and sheet metal welding in Melbourne. No matter what your need is, we’ll do our absolute best to manufacture the product you’re after.

    To find out more about our laser cutting, sheet metal folder, metal finishing, turret punch press services and sheet metal components, call PESA today on (03) 9547 5244 or feel free to contact us online.